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What makes you unique?

Socks with eggs and bacon, socks for breakfast

American Breakfast

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Beach Flamingo socks with pink, green colour, men/women | Lazy socks |


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Why Lazy Socks?

  • Personality

    Each unique sock is available for a limited time allowing you to express yourself - whether you are chilling home, hanging out with close friends, or even as a gift!

  • Quality

    Made with 88% coton by top designers: our socks have the highest comfort - so that you can focus on the important stuff.. like relaxing.

  • Convenience

    We have a free shipping worldwide policy on orders of 10 GBP or more! Build your new sock collection and benefit from our limited-time sales!


What's special about our designs?

You can tell yourselves by looking through our inventory. Our socks are meant to be unique and display your personality. That is why we never keep products for too long and continuously update our inventory!

How is the quality?

Our socks are made mostly with cotton for a smooth and comfortable experience. We have tested the materials through multiple cycles of washing and drying to guarantee you get long lasting quality. Try for yourself! 

Is my payment secure?

Of course, our website uses reputable encryption and security protocol when you checkout to keep your information safe. We also support the safest methods only such as VISA, Mastercard and PayPal. 

How long is shipping?

Due to high demand, our free worldwide shipping option generally takes 1-3 weeks depending on your location. We know you are eager to receive your new socks, and we compensate for that by offering the best prices and by offering free shipping for orders of 10 GBP or more!

Is there refunds available?

If the product arrived damaged or not as described we will refund you. However every sale is final and for logistics reasons we cannot cancel or modify an order.

What sizes do you offer?

To make your life easier, we offer a-one-size-fits-all. Our socks are specifically made to fit both men and women of various size feet - from size 38 to 46 (European) and 7 to 12 ( U.S.). 

About Us

Our motto is not just living a colorful life but fiery life!

That’s how lazy socks began...

Because we love to see fiery steps, steps with motion, adventure and opinion,

Steps out of typical mind, steps which are not afraid to be unique.

Steps supported with cotton quality as necessary for a healthy and comfortable road ahead.